Episode 8.3 | Can we all stop taking ourselves so seriously?

Blog Series: #3 Can we all stop taking ourselves so seriously? 

Stop being so professional! 

I’ve met so many coaches who feel that they need to constantly use 25-cent words and polish their shiny content, all while wearing their Sunday best in an effort to be taken seriously. But gone are the days when a snazzy outfit and silted language is enough to woo an audience. Today’s clients want authenticity and, well, to know they’re working with a real human being.

When creating your posts, blogs, podcasts and webinars, seek to capture your silly side, your wild side, your messy side. Do you have an ethical issue with a well-known company’s dealings? Talk about it! Real human beings have emotions and opinions. Your clients will trust you, knowing you’re not afraid to be real and honest about who you are, who you aren’t, and the way you embrace imperfection.

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