Episode 8.2 | What’s your price tag?

Blog Series: #2 Establishing Your Price Tag

Question of the Week: What’s your price tag? 

A client who has never worked with a coach before doesn’t know what to expect. “How long will the process take?” “When can I expect results?” And most importantly, “How much is all this going to cost me?” 

It’s not realistic to ask a potential client to commit to you financially with no end date on the horizon. And being vague about results vs. financial commitment is sure to frighten them away, and make you look unprofessional in the process.

Instead of a price per session, consider creating a package for your services instead. Of course it’s impossible to know in advance how long it will take a client to accomplish their goals, as every client and every situation is unique and different. But by assessing previous client services and results, it may be easy to make an educated guess. It’s possible they’ll need less time to accomplish their goal. It’s also possible they’ll need more time, and you’ll decide together to prolong your coaching.  

It’s important that you be transparent, honest, and upfront about the services you’re able to provide, your professional opinion on how long the process will take, and your potential client’s investment. 

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