Episode 6 | Who's Your Caddie?

Who’s Your Caddie?

Coaches: you need to hire your own coach. Not just because of all the reasons folks hire a coach in the first place, but because you can’t really sell coaching if you’ve never experienced the power of the process for yourself. You need to be able to sell your services from an insiders-perspective, even pull from conversations and growth experiences you’ve had with your own coach.

And not that you need the reminder, but your coach will help:

– Hold you accountable
– Encourage you to take a leap of faith and do things that are scary
– Teach you the coaching process! The ins-and-outs, communication strategies, payment structure, follow up techniques – these are all part of the landscape. And these are the things you can’t get from the well-intended internet.
– Remind you of one of life’s most important keys to long-term success: you must be willing to invest in yourself before others will follow suit.

Above all, your coach will be there for you for the long-play as you grow your own coaching business. You coach will be invested in your success and available to be a sounding board, or trouble-shooter, or just someone who will listen. It’s like a professional golfer and their caddie: sure the golfer is the one who is ultimately responsible for the swings, shots and misses. But it’s the caddie’s job to provide support, perspective, and to help with the heavy lifting. 

As Henry Longhurst once said, “A good caddie is more than a mere assistant. He is a guide, a philosopher, and most of all, a friend.” A coach should be those things as well. 


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