Episode 5 | Intuitive Intelligence

Intuitive Intelligence

Intuitive Intelligence is defined as a set of skills that uses intuition to get to the instinctual and nonconscious parts of our minds. It can be learned and developed, but because instinct does not operate in the same way as reason, Intuitive Intelligence requires unusual forms of learning and thinking.

And in some ways, the role of a coach is simply this: To unlock our clients Intuitive Intelligence and clear a path for their own truth to step forward.

When a coach and client collectively tap into this inner resource, they allow a vital force of openness, acceptance and inner wisdom to come into play. This creates a space of confidentiality, trust and higher calling, establishing Clients as the experts on their own solutions.

A threat to this level of communication is distraction. When clients have to work to communicate and connect, their pathway becomes complicated, challenging, even troubled.

The Success Finder seeks to maximize the Coach/Client experience by removing communication barriers, and creating a safe, supportive environment for Coaches to provide to their Clients. No noise, no distraction; nothing between us and success. 

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