Episode 4 | Unfriending Facebook

Unfriending Facebook

We all fell for it. Facebook sold us all on the idea that if we spent money to attract and engage millions of followers, if we postured ourselves for all the “likes,” our brands would skyrocket. We all fell in love with the idea of free earned media.

But here’s their game. By steadily manipulating the algorithm, Facebook has systematically reduced access to our own audiences. Brands are now being required to pay to reach the audiences we brought to the platform in the first place.

Fortunately, today’s savvy Coaches are now asking tougher questions about metrics and ROI. If we have to pay for what we used to get for free, what is the business impact of Facebook advertising, and how does it move product or build brand loyalty? Engagement, whatever that really means, carries no legitimate metrics and is seldom asked to stand up and account for itself.

But perhaps the heftiest reason to kick the 800-pound gorilla is this:

Your Clients want you to.

Clients around the globe are fatigued and weary of the social media game. They are tired of notifications, alerts, message overload, and having to sift through massive amounts of content simply to get to where they want to go. They want fast access, direct communication, and a sense of belonging. Without all the noise and distraction.

That’s where we come in. The Success Finder is here to provide an alternative to Zuckerburg & Company.

We have developed a tool, especially for The Success Finder Coaches, to provide you a way to communicate direct with your Members, to create a community of Member connection and support, and to grow your brand. TSF will help you gain Members by giving them what they want most: information, immediacy and support, all housed in one personalized location.

No outside noise and distraction; this is your creative space. A space where authentic connection has enough oxygen to grow. 

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