Episode 15 | Turning Down the Volume

TSF Blog | “Turning Down the Volume”

We live in a marketplace of ideas, words, and expertise. But there seems to be a growing shortage of listening. And with little listening, there’s little learning; without meaningful participation, there’s little chance for engagement. Instead, we have self-proclaimed experts self-promoting. We have commenters turning up the volume.

We have noise.

The wrong kind of community sells it members on the idea that it’s time to turn the volume UP. But what does that look like? It looks like more talking. More congestion. More comparison. More selling.

But there is real opportunity to be heard despite the rising noise, and to be involved with a community that turns the volume DOWN. Less perfectionism. Less confusion. Less criticism. Less distraction.

We are creating a specialized community where coaches, clients, experts, advocates, and those with a shared affinity can mix. We built this as a space where its members are invited to seed the community with content, both your own and content from outside sources, for our collective gain and growth. 

But to be a credible thought partner, be willing to listen. Be willing to give up a little control. Worry a little less about yourself. Stop being so damn smart and start being a little more human. In an era when everybody seems to be yelling, a little quiet confidence can go a long way.

And with that, I’ll take my own advice and shut up.

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