Episode 13 | What are Vanity Metrics?

TSF Blog | “What are Vanity Metrics?”

Vanity metrics are data points – website SEO, social media follows and likes – that appear impressive to others but do not inform future strategies or present success. These numbers are easy to manipulate, either purposely or unintentionally, making it easy to imply success without actually being meaningful results in regards to your overall impact as a Coach.

Vanity metrics are notorious for being somewhat basic and often misleading. The good news is that for every vanity metric, there is an actionable metric: a number that communicates valuable information regarding your progress and growth as an entrepreneur. 


Actionable metrics are those that you can improve by taking action, while vanity metrics often grow without you needing to do much of anything at all. In order to turn those hollow numbers into ones that are more meaningful, it’s important to return to your goals. Again, every Coach has different goals, so it’s crucial that you remind yourself and your team of those goals before determining which metrics will matter more than others.

Number of conversions is considered a vanity metric because there isn’t much work that can be done to encourage that specific number. Instead, take the time to track the conversion rate.


A key to long-term, actionable success is prioritizing engagement rates over numbers of social media followers. In the beginning, it can be exciting to watch the number of followers on your social media platforms spike. But that number can be easily manipulated – influencers and companies can even buy followers or bots to stack onto that number to make it appear more impressive than it is. Focus on your content over your following, and engagement will inevitably follow.

Whether you’re absolutely crushing it or having a bit of a struggle growing your client list, it’s important to look at results that have meaningful stories to tell. Actionable metrics might be more difficult to measure and a little harder to look at, but they’re the key to knowing what you need to do to grow your business, connect with your audience, and make a difference.

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