Episode 12 | The Fast-Rising Role of Online Professional Communities

TSF Blog | “The Fast-Rising Role of Online Professional Communities”

Online professional communities have been around for years. Decades, even. But recently, with an increasing dependance on digital business dealings, and that little global pandemic we’d all love to put in the rearview mirror, online communities for professionals are on a steep incline.

Here are 3 reasons why: 

1. Online Communities, where like-minded, similarly-goal-driven individuals are gathered, make for more supportive and meaningful environments. 

At The Success Finder, we make no apologies about our dislike for social media. They lack authentic connections; there’s lots of abuse (even racial), offensive language, advertising, fake news, even bullying from people hiding behind fake accounts. There’s noise, clutter, distraction, and most of what you see is not what you’re there to see. On the other hand, online professional communities encourage meaningful and respectful discussions. Most like-minded people congregate in online communities to share ideas, offer their skills and knowledge, support each other, solve problems, and promote movements.

Since there’s less pressure for impressing others, members can present themselves in the best light possible while still maintaining their true selves. As a result, they become more self-confident, less intimidated, and are sure their contributions won’t be shouted down. With such meaningful, respectable, and communal ways of doing things, these platforms have become highly-attractive for the intangible value members get. 

2. Online professional communities are great sources for making connections, multi-networking, and growing your business.

Whether you’re you a jobless professional looking for work, or just starting a business, online communities provide great spaces for arranging partnerships, marketing as well as selling out your events. Those running businesses can learn new methods of doing things and get timely advice from more experienced entrepreneurs. 

On the multi- networking front, by connecting with like-minded professionals, you build your influence and raise your profile as an expert and thought leader, make friends, expand your network, and gain access to exclusive events in your industry.

3. Online professional communities are primary sources for valuable content, tailored to suit your needs.

Online communities have become hubs where experts and professionals in a specific industry connect and feel like they belong. They get to freely share and exchange useful ideas and knowledge about their experiences, as they solve problems around specific areas of interest. Such valuable content continues making these communities grow further as it increases engagement between the members, ultimately strengthening the community and boosting its perceived value.

A professional community provides a rich stream of fresh and user-generated content that further pulls in other interested professionals who come for content and end up staying for the community. 

But the success of any online community depends on one shared responsibility among its members: you’ve got to give value to get value. 

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