Episode 11 | Growing Credibility in the Coaching Space

Being a credible mentor for clients is key to achieving success in the industry. Your reputation relies on whether your clients trust in you and the services that you offer them. While you may be your authentic self with your clients and potential clients, establishing credibility with them – and even mainstream society – may be a bigger challenge.

Trust sits square center of all our business relationships as it helps influence your business success with others. Establishing trust with your clients early on can go a long way toward giving you the credibility you need for long-term success, and it helps establish the coaching industry as a credible space for results-driven success. 

From getting credentialed to being uniquely different and focusing on solving real problems and bringing consistent value, here are some of the most effective ways that a new coach can establish credibility in their industry and among potential clients.

Be Available
Using The Success Finder community, build a foundation by creating posts that show you are the person they need when they are ready. In other words, in those posts, provide extremely high value, without selling anything.

Be Consistent
Establishing voice and brand are two of the hardest things for any business. Having a solid voice that views problems and solutions through a consistent lens can establish a new coach and attract clients. If your voice shows you, you’ll attract the people that want to work with you — which in the end, are the “right” people for a coach. You can’t coach everyone!

Be a Life Teacher
There are too many experts and not enough practitioners. When you want to establish credibility in the market, make sure you live what you are teaching. Show them, not tell them. That is the fastest way to become an expert in your industry. Be a constant practitioner of what you teach.

Be Daringly Different
A new coach can establish their credibility by being remarkably different than other coaches. To do this, one needs to determine their values, voice and view. Then create a unique value proposition for your clients based on your remarkable differences. Our clients want to be seen as individuals, and to trust you, they need to see you living your truth.

Be a Problem Solver
The easiest and most effective way a coach can increase their credibility is to solve their clients’ most pressing issues as quickly as they possibly can. When a client agrees to work with a coach, it’s not because they have extra money burning a hole in their checkbooks. It’s because they need real answers and real solutions. Credibility is the natural byproduct of providing solutions.

Be An Active Student And Contributor
We all have a beginning. What we do with it is what matters. Actively engage your mind and heart in learning more about your craft. Seek professional training, read, volunteer for an organization or a seasoned coach, build relationships with industry thought leaders, strengthen visibility by writing thoughtful content, hire a coach trained to develop coaches, and practice, practice, practice. 

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