Today we’ve got the Founder of Play Bigger Performance Groups, Angela Cote. We get into why you should get over your fear of rejection, we find out how your action will create real growth and how she helps people realize what happens if you don’t ask for help. Check it out.

The Mastermind Effect:  Our ability to learn, or the availability to gain access to knowledge has definitely changed over the last five to ten years. When we were younger, we use textbooks and teachers and eventually that became friends and our co-workers, but it only allowed us to have like a sliver of what was really possible out there. How has your learning changed over the last several years versus today?

Angela Cote: I think my learning has become much more of a collaborative approach. And I think in the past, I learned more through mostly experiences, and maybe reading as well. But since I started doing more and more networking, I realized the value of learning from other people. And sometimes you, you know, learn from somebody, it doesn’t mean you are going to use their method or do exactly what they’re doing. But it gets your wheels turning. So I think just being around other people, lots of conversations, and opportunities to talk to peers, has just been amazing. And I think that that has amplified, and especially these days, it is happening even more and more virtually, which is really cool. So we’re just connecting with people all over the place, all over the world.

The Mastermind Effect:  And you’re in Canada, I’m down here in the States. And we’re able to have this unbelievable conversation and learn from each other. And we’ve had a previous conversation obviously before this, but the access to be able to bridge that gap and bring those experiences or knowledge together. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Angela Cote: Oh, yeah. It’s like the world’s just shrinking.