This week, we are talking about a love letter. It’s a different solo show as we talk about partnerships.

Partnerships can come in all different forms—friends, family, spouses, business partners, significant others, you name it, it can be there.

And I think I wouldn’t be who I am, or where I’m at, without my wife, Angela Straza. So why is it that the right partnership can change everything? I should give you a little backstory.

Angela and I met on eharmony. The courtship to say the least, was fast by most people’s standards. We dated for a little over three months and on our first trip together, I asked her to marry me.

So I had to ask myself what I was looking for in a partner before making a serious decision like this. On a side note, that wouldn’t hurt if you did the same thing. And here are a few of mine:

Are they a good person?

Can they take care of themselves without you?

And in my case, I wanted a strong person that was able to have a career without relying upon me.

Do you have a similar mission, vision and value?

Are you a better person with this partner?

Will they make you laugh? Are you attracted to them not only physically, but also intellectually?

Will they challenge you?

For me, this has been one of the things that I needed and wanted. And at the same time, it can make it difficult if you’re not ready for the challenger. Now, these aren’t all the things I asked myself when looking for a partner. But hopefully, you get the gist.

As the story went on, she and I talked about building our first company, she was one that said, “Hey, if you’re going to talk the talk, either do it or stop acting as if you can build something. Shit or get off the pot.”

She was right. This is what I needed. We need those challenges– the people that push us to become better than we were the day before. In my mind, that’s part of your measuring stick when looking at success. Are you a better version of yourself compared to the day, month, or year prior? That partner is there to help make that happen? So now what, who cares? Well, Angela did. I’m sure.